Goodyear, AZ 85395
This is a company review, of the owner first and foremost. The willingness to help another human being simply because you can, Is a hard commodity to come by these days. Let me start by saying, I am a baby home inspector in the making. In order to get certified, you need to have 30 home inspections called "parallels" with a certified home inspector. Most home inspectors see this as a way to make extra money, because they charge $75 to $100 dollars to these new born home inspectors learning the trade, for each parallel. Unless you are Steve Anderson (owner of NPI). Steve Anderson, took me under his wing, and spent his time free of charge, with nothing to gain, just to help a fellow human being. He helped me go through the process of getting one step closer to my certification. He basically helped somebody to become his competition in the future, because he knew that was helping me to succeed. If I could work for any company in the future it would be this company, and this owner. His honesty and compassion for his fellow man, knows, no limits. Shout out to Alex and Brian as well, two awesome guys that work for Steve that taught me much as well. I will be forever in you guys debt. I will pay it forward. You guys gave me my faith in humanity back. Sincerely; Sean Maggi
5 star review of National Property Inspections - Goodyear, AZ by Sean